Manila's Airport voted the 'Worst'

News at Gatwick 03/12/2013

Hertz CFO resigns : December 2013 : Bangkok Protests affects on tourism

Passengers are not happy

Could Manila be the worst airport in the world?

For the second year running, the accolade of the ‘Worst Airport in the World’ has gone to the biggest airport in the Philippines. The website, an authority site on the world’s airports and their customer experience has named Manila's Terminal 1 the very worst. It has not done well on any of the following categories - “comfort, convenience, cleanliness, and customer service". The complaints were varied and included the following - "dilapidated facilities", "dishonest" airport workers (particularly taxi drivers) with long waiting times and "rude" staff.

Those running the airport felt that the criticism was unfair and pointed out that there had been many improvements over the past few years.

Dante Basanta, Manila Airport’s Terminal 1 manager said "These are old issues”. He said that these were historic problems which had already been addressed by the government. He did go on to say that it was true that the airport, with an annual capacity of about 6.5 million passengers, was overstretched. Manila's Terminal 1 is 32 years ago and the government has launched a £36m renovation programme and has plans to move around 3million passengers a year on to a newer terminal.

The airport voted the second worse was in Italy at the Bergamo Airport. Passengers were unimpressed and said there were "people loafing around without T-shirts or shoes as if they were in their homes and no one gives a hoot". Calcutta was ahead of Islamabad, Paris Beauvais, Chennai, Frankfurt Hahn, Mumbai, Rome Fiumicino and Los Angeles.

Hertz CFO resigns : December 2013 : Bangkok Protests affects on tourism

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